SharePoint for Document Management


SharePoint can simplify your document management with one simple interface

Although SharePoint is intended to provide a secure place to store, organize, share, and access data, it can also be an excellent collaboration and intranet building tool. Multiple editions of this browser-based platform have been released since its launch in 2001, the latest being SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 and at present SharePoint is offered in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid versions.

Deploy the broadest set of capabilities to your enterprise document management system.

Microsoft SharePoint plays a dominant role in the collaboration and document management requirements of some of the world’s largest businesses. Many employees use it as their intranet and document sharing experience. SharePoint has powerful capabilities with built-in document management features and hence, setting up document management system in SharePoint can be a good solution for medium to large-scale enterprises in UAE, specifically Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah that are already in a Microsoft-oriented ecosystem or want to shift to a DMS software. Since so many SharePoint users are Microsoft Office customers, the platform can be adapted to handle multiple businesses. Neologix is a SharePoint development company with a proven track record of implementing digital document management systems, intranet portals and other collaboration solutions based on SharePoint in USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries. Our portfolio demonstrates several examples of SharePoint installations, each of which demonstrate our experience in configuring SharePoint document management system to meet the specific needs of our customer.

Benefits of Document Management in SharePoint

Best Document Management System

There is a reason why top organizations in the world consider SharePoint as the best document management system. Not only does it allow employees to collaborate and work on documents, improve internal workflows and streamline business processes of the company but it also ensures security of information at all times. Based on the nature of your business, the requirements of your document management system software may vary as listed below.


Our expert SharePoint designers help organizations in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and UAE solve business problems using Microsoft SharePoint. Being widely experienced document management system providers, we help you with guidance and assistance in implementing a workable SharePoint Document Management system into your existing framework. Most organizations have been able to operate more effectively and efficiently once a SharePoint document management system is in place. Also our in-depth training courses for administrators and users ensure the success of your investment in a SharePoint deployment.