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Get started with SharePoint

Posted On 1/19/2023

Microsoft SharePoint, as part of Microsoft 365, is continually being improved. The SharePoint Help Center is also continually updated with the latest changes. Below are some other resources on what's new. Organizations use SharePoint to create websites. In Microsoft 365, you can create a site from the SharePoint start page. You also get a Sh...

ChatGPT: Student builds app to sniff out AI-written essays

Posted On 1/19/2023

Edward Tian has been thinking about the power of artificial intelligence for a number of years. But it was in a packed lecture last year that the computer science student at Princeton University saw how advanced this technology had become. His thesis adviser displayed a set of text in front of the class and asked the students to differentiate be...

Microsoft to cut 10,000 jobs as spending slows

Posted On 1/19/2023

It will affect up to 5% of its global workforce and cost the business $1.2bn (£972m) in severance and reorganisation costs. Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said that while customer spending had grown during Covid, more people were now choosing to "exercise caution". He said the firm would continue to hire in key areas. Br...

Twitter's bird statue sells for $100,000 at auction

Posted On 1/19/2023

An auction for hundreds of items at Twitter's San Francisco HQ has just ended. A statue of the platform's famous bird logo has claimed the most expensive item sold, coming in at $100,000 (£81,000). Viewers online noted that some of the used items were no bargain, as they were selling for more than retail. The sale comes as owner El...

Top 10 Secure Computing Tips

Posted On 12/13/2022

3ART Technologies shares security tips with all public users because we care about everyone. "Top 10" List of Secure Computing Tips will be helping you in preventing from hackers and viruses.

Tip #1 - You are a target of hackers

Don't ever say, "It won't happen to me." We are all at risk and...

The New Chatbots Could Change the World

Posted On 12/12/2022

The New Chatbots Could Change the World. Can You Trust Them?

This month, Jeremy Howard, an artificial intelligence researcher, introduced an online chatbot called ChatGPT to his 7-year-old daughter. It had been released a few days earlier by OpenAI, one of the world’s most ambitious A.I. labs.

He told her to ask the e...

Upgrade to the latest version of DNN?

Posted On 10/22/2021

We here at Engage are often asked about upgrades, so I thought I would write out how to do a simple DNN upgrade. We're specialists in everything DNN. Services we provide: For more complex upgrades or for information on changing your platform edition, please reach out to us using the Contact Us Form and we’ll be h...

DNN (DotnetNuke) Latest version?

Posted On 10/22/2021

DNN Platform (open-source) 9.10.0 is HERE!! It was officially released on July 20th, 2021. For details on changes and fixes, please see the latest release notes. This newest version includes some new features and enhancements as well as a slew of bug fixes from En...

You can upgrade to Windows 11 for free from Windows 7, but it’ll be a bit of a pain

Posted On 7/24/2021

Microsoft is ramping up the different ways for users to update their old machines to Windows 11, even before we’ve seen an official release date. There’s been plenty of discussion about what the latest update to Windows is bringing, such as new icons, a new start menu, widgets, and lots more. However, as we approach the latter half o...

Smart Online Examination System or Software For Schools & Institute is Ready By 3ART Technologies

Posted On 7/2/2021

Today Online Examination System has become a fast-growing examination method because of its speed and accuracy. It is also needed less manpower and paper security to execute the examination. Almost all organizations nowadays are conducting their objective exams by online examination system, which saves students time in examinations. The sys...