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Smart Online Examination System or Software For Schools & Institute is Ready By 3ART Technologies

Posted On 7/2/2021

Today Online Examination System has become a fast-growing examination method because of its speed and accuracy. It is also needed less manpower and paper security to execute the examination. Almost all organizations nowadays are conducting their objective exams by online examination system, which saves students time in examinations. The system can generate random or manual examination papers with the real-time exam result that helps organizations easily check the performance of the student. As a result of this, organizations are releasing results within no time. It also helps the environment by saving paper.

Today Online Examination System has become a fast-growing examination method because of its speed and accuracy.

What is an Online Examination System?

In an online examination system examine get their user id and password with his/her academic number. The system also secured by sending SMS to the applicant or student at each login and registration time. The student ID is already saved in the examination server. When examining login to the server he/she gets his/her profile already register.

System Features

3ART examination system has the following features: 

For Examiner / Administraton

  1. Multi-Language Support
  2. Login & Registration (With SMS OTP CODE Verification) 
  3. Dashboard
  4. Manage Question Categories (Define also Carrer Analysis Questions)
    1. Add Custom Categories
    2. Add Child Categories with unlimited levels
    3. Update Categories Information 
    4. Delete Categories
    5. Define Percentage Weightage On each Category
  5. Manage Questions
    1. Add Question Details (Individual Question Timer & Marks)
    2. Perview Questions
    3. Add Multiple Answer Options 
    4. Update Questions
    5. Delete Questions
  6. Manage Examination 
    1. Create Examination 
    2. Activate / Deactivate Examination 
    3. Configure Customize Exam setup 
      1. Setup Automatic Exam Set (Create Automatic Examination Paper Based on the Configuration) 
      2. Setup Manual Exam Set (Create your own paper with the defined set of questions)
    4. Update Examination Information
    5. Finish Examination 
  7. Staff User Authorization 
  8. Reports
    1. BI Reports
    2. Results
    3. Question Report 
    4. Management Report 
    5. Student/Applicant Report
    6. Many other reports

Why did you choose the 3ART Examination System?

There are many examination systems offered by different companies but the 3ART examination system is smart. It creates an examination paper once an applicant or student starts the exam with respect to the examiner's configuration. This feature will really be helping organizations to control the paper leakage within the students or different batches. 

The run time examination feature will generate the different examinations for each student or applicant, so there is very little chance of cheating while the students are sitting with each other. 

How to Get the Demo

Contact our sales team through the contact us page  and we will arrange a demo for you

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